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BIB, optimum packaging for the storage of dry and fortified wines

With its guarantee of excellent conservation, the BIB is becoming ever more popular on the dry and fortified wine market. The BIB has all the characteristics needed to keep wine protected from light and air. It allows keeping the wine longer after opening, thereby promoting responsible consumption. The BIB is thus positioned an appropriate quality packaging for today’s consumption habits.

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Filling machines for every wine production

TECHNIBAG filling machines help every producer or packaging company increase their packaging capacities and improve their production equipment. From manual or semi-manual filling machines for semi-automatic filling to high-speed automated lines, TECHNIBAG offers the appropriate filling machine for every production volume and for the specifications of every BIB, neck and tap. TECHNIBAG also supplies process equipment to improve BIB filling and packaging performance : box erector, weight controller, handle machine, labelling machine, sealer, taper, palletizer etc.

*with CO2 content < 800 mg/liter

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