Egg Products

Packaging of egg products in vacuum bags : an exemplary response to the HACCP system

HACCP is an analysis method for identifying, evaluating and managing significant risks to food safety (biological, physical and chemical risks). The quality, health and long shelf life of egg products are guaranteed so much better when packaged in flexible containers that they are replacing traditional containers, in particular in the professional sphere.

Filling machines and process equipment for every situation

Our manual, semi-manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines are highly suitable for egg-shelling plants and catering businesses as they ensure compliance with mandatory quality, hygiene and conservation regulations for egg products. By preventing air from entering the bags, the process used maintains quality, prevents contamination and extends the shelf life of the egg pulp, whether the white, the yolk or both. As a supplement to filling, TECHNIBAG can also provide equipment for the end of your BIB or Pouch packaging lines for egg products : weight controller, boxers, labelers, tapers, palletizers.

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