POUCH or STAND’UP POUCH : vacuum bag without outer packaging

The Pouch is a standalone vacuum bag without outer packaging. Unbreakable, transportable, ecological and enjoyable, the Pouch innovates and adapts to all types of food and non-food liquids.


  • Practical : Easy to carry along, store, use and discard. Longer product life. Comes in small volumes, starting at 1L.
  • Ecological : Low carbon footprint.
  • Attractive : Large area for an innovative, eye-catching design. Possibility of high-quality printing.
  • Hygienic : No risk of contamination; airtight; hermetic, lockable tap.

Areas of application

  • All food and non-food liquids can be packed in the Pouch.
  • TECHNIBAG has an extensive line of filling machines that allow efficient, high-quality packaging of this vacuum bag.

TECHNIBAG does not sell packaging materials but can guide you to various partners depending on your needs.

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