Plant protection Products

Why package plant protection product in a BIB, Pouch or Cheertainer® ?

Liquids and semi-liquids plant protection product can almost all be packaged in flexible containers such as the BIB, Pouch or Cheertainer®. The popularity of this packaging option is growing among professionals in the sector. With this packaging, the quality of the product is maintained (in particular by protecting them from the air), volumetric precision is controlled, and handling and storage is facilitated, etc.

How to fill and package plant protection product in vacuum bags ?

TECHNIBAG designs and builds machines and processes for filling and packaging in vacuum bags. From semi-manual filling machines for artisan laboratories and workshops to automated high-speed production lines for major industrial sites, every project has the benefit of an in-depth analysis of needs : specific characteristics of the cosmetics concerned, bags, stoppers, production conditions, standards etc. Where the application so demands, the design and engineering office conducts special studies and / or makes the necessary machine adaptations. More informations

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