Automobile Industry : AdBlue, windscreen wash, engine oils, lubricants

Packaging maximized for automotive industry products

Vacuum bag (Cheertainer®) packaging for engine oils, lubricants, windscreen wash products and other liquids or semi-liquids made for the automotive industry, is still an optimum solution. Lighter than other types of packaging, easier to palletize, more practical and cleaner, and guaranteeing versatility in handling and flow management and sampling procedures, flexible containers provide a benefit for manufacturers and users alike.

TECHNIBAG filling machines: a practical technical solution

TECHNIBAG’s automatic or semi-automatic filling machines and filling lines simplify the handling, loading and sealing of containers. They also allow operations (management of volumes, speed, air etc.) to be controlled at all times throughout the filling process. Filling machines designed and supplied by TECHNIBAG provide practical, modular and reliable solutions to your high-speed vacuum bag filling needs. More informations

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