CHEERTAINER® : the reinforced vacuum bag

The Cheertainer® is the only flexible packaging that allows fully secure transportation of products classed as dangerous or with high added value. The Cheertainer® is a soft, cube-shaped container in reinforced plastic that adapts readily to insertion inside a box (BIB) for easier transport, storage and use. Only the Cheertainer® allows naturally using the entire volume contained in the pouch.

TECHNIBAG proposes several semi-automatic and automatic filling machines that can fill Cheertainer® bags at a high rate of speed.

Areas of application

The Cheertainer® is particularly appropriate for ADR products, dangerous Class 2 and 3 product and/or liquids with high added value that must be well protected. Ideal for the chemical industry, the Cheertainer® also provides interesting solutions for the food processing industry


  • Safety : Notable stability and resistance; reinforced plastic structure; adapted to products classed as dangerous. The Cheertainer® can be UN-certified and guarantees you an optimal, high-quality result.
  • Economical : Saves on energy, with lower storage and transport costs (two times more Cheertainer® on a pallet).
  • Hermetic : The box protects from light and the bag protects the contents from oxygen, humidity and alterations.
  • Ecological : Notable lowering of the carbon footprint in comparison with equivalent rigid packaging.


More info on this video below and in the brochure of our patner QUADPAK.

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