Concentrates, Post-mix, Syrups

Concentrates, syrups, post-mixes in vacuum bags : convenience for all !

The flexible bags for concentrates and syrups are suitable for transport, storage and easy connection to different distribution systems in points of sale. They allow a drastic reduction in the losses of products during their use. Find out more

TECHNIBAG : filling machines and systems for all vacuum bag formats

TECHNIBAG offers filling and packaging technologies for syrups, concentrates and post-mixes which are perfect for a wide range of Pouch, BIB and vacuum bag options in various sizes. TECHNIBAG’s filling machines and lines can also be entirely geared to your production for post-mix distributors. Our filling machines guarantee completely hygienic circulation of products between vats and vacuum bags. More informations

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Somes product’s examples


  • Coca-Cola, Embonor factory

TECHNIBAG confirms its international positioning on the post-mix market with the installation of filling and packaging lines in flexible bags, in particular for COCA-COLA. EMBONOR’s COCA-COLA plant was thus equipped with a FLEXILINE, a complete automatic filling and packaging line, sized for very high-speed production. This factory, based in Chile, supplies the COCA-COLA product line throughout the country.

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