BIB : vacuum bag and box

Composed of an outer box, a tap and a watertight bag, BIB packaging is practical, light, reliable, economical and available in a broad range of volumes : 1.5 L, 2 L, 2.25 L, 3 L, 4.5 L, 5 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L, etc.

The BIB is an essential type of packaging in multi-formats (from 1.5 L to 20 L) for many kinds of liquids and offers a broad choice of taps and distribution systems. The BIB meets the specific needs of each liquid, whether food or non-food. Watertight, flexible, light and easy to use, the BIB provides versatile, top-performance packaging.


  • Long conservation : thanks to the powerful barrier created by the films used for manufacturing bags, the BIB bag offers excellent product conservation even after opening.
  • Practicality : easy for the consumer to use and store, the BIB is also easy to palletize, warehouse and transport.
  • Ecological and economical : the BIB reduces the amount of waste and packaging and saves money on transport and storage. There is practically no danger of breakage. The carbon footprint for this type of volume is unequaled.
  • Hygiene : the BIB meets all hygienic standards for using food and non-food products. It guarantees outstanding hygienic conditions, from packaging to consumption.
  • Personalization : the packaging box can be personalized and offers a large surface for communication. Numerous types of taps allow easily adapting to end user needs.

Areas of application

Can be used for wines, alcohols, juice, compotes, syrups, soups, oils, dairy products, eggs, liquids, water and products from many other non-food industries, including detergents, cosmetic products, inks and fertilizers. For all food and non-food liquids, the BIB provides ease of use, long conservation, reduced investment and simplicity of implementation. It is a growing favorite with users.

The story of BIB packaging

The BIB concept dates from 1955. It was designed for the packaging of a very specific liquid: acid from car batteries! The first use for a food product was the packaging of milk in the sixties in the U.S. Wine came on its heels, first in Australia and then elsewhere around the world, especially for restaurant packaging. By the end of the nineties, large-scale retailers had democratized its use and sales exploded in many countries. Today, the BIB is used for a multitude of products, both food and non-food, in all possible sizes, multiplying the number of packaging possibilities for liquid and semi-liquid products.


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