Products with medical qualities : birch sap, aloe vera

Active principles preserved by packaging in vacuum bags

Vacuum bags, of any size, help improve the shelf life of birch sap and aloe vera gel : an effective solution for the longevity of fragile products which easily spoil. Packaging in unbreakable vacuum bags of all sizes, without contamination by air and protected from light, simplifies use and guarantees the quality essential to these products with medical qualities. More informations

TECHNIBAG filling machines : quality, safety, efficiency

Whether a packaging option is required by a producer or by users, TECHNIBAG finds the right solution to your request to mechanize the packaging of your product with medical qualities. TECHNIBAG provides you, on demand, with high-quality filling machines for efficient productivity and which guarantee the implementation of a hygiene process preventing any deterioration of your fragile products. More informations

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Since 2015, Jérémie Kubler harvests birch sap in Alsace with respect for the environment by packaging it in 3L recyclable Pouch (without aluminium) using our semi-manual BIB’UP filling machine but also in recycled glass bottles that can be recycled and recycled for life.

Located in central Brittany, between Lamballe and Loudéac, Le Domaine du Bûchon, a producer of birch sap certified Organic Agriculture, offers its customers a range of consumable products (for cures) and also a range of cosmetics. BIB filling and packaging is carried out with the semi-manual BIB’UP TOP 290 filling machine.

M. Denis Cléro – Manager of Domaine du Bûchon