Compotes, purees

The vacuum bag : perfect packaging for compotes and purees

Vacuum bags are an efficient form of packaging for semi-liquid products, such as fruit compotes and purees, and maintain optimum conditions for a long shelf life. Professional users further this type of packaging as it promotes efficient use on day-to-day basis. The vacuum bag offers clear benefits : maintenance of recipe quality, possibility of choice of tastes, hygiene, and an extended shelf life. More informations

Vacuum bags and filling machines : TECHNIBAG for improved packaging efficiency

To meet the demand for packaging in vacuum bags, BIB or pouches, which offer a real, economical, versatile and practical alternative to containers for bulk goods, TECHNIBAG offers various types of filling machines, which facilitate the individual packaging of fruit compotes and purees for all artisan and industrial businesses. TECHNIBAG can also provide process equipment and peripherals for your end of line : shaper for your cardboard packaging, crater, palletizer etc. More informations

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