The best in vacuum bag filling and packaging technologies

TECHNIBAG’s innovation approach relies on its high level of control over the best BIB filling and packaging technologies.

Providing you with the best flexible-bag filling and packaging technologies

At the core of TECHNIBAG’s strategy, innovation relies on a high level of control over the best BIB filling and packaging technologies. A team of multi-disciplinary engineers and technicians drives it, stimulated by projects and feedback of experience provided by the sales force and supported by a dynamic and committed management.

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Design and Engineering Department

The Design and Engineering Department incorporates each technological advance and implements an ambitious R&D policy that reflects the company’s pioneering spirit. Continuous technical and regulatory monitoring reinforces this approach and allows upstream control of any production incidents.

Examples of TECHNIBAG innovations :

  • The Oxycontrol system limits oxygen amounts in the vacuum bags, ensuring a longer shelf life for packaged liquids.
  • The DAS (Safe Automatic Startup) system meets Machine Safety Directive requirements and allows launching the filling cycle without pushing a button for greater productivity and improved ergonomics.
  • Web & Single (WS) technology facilitates filling and pouch-cutting operations and speeds the work rate.
  • The Ultra Clean version developed for filling machines meets the hygienic requirements specific to “sensitive” liquids.
  • The Flow-Pilot (buffer vat under nitrogen pressure) is a unique solution that guarantees quick, precise, high-quality filling without oxidation and saves money because it doesn’t consume nitrogen.



Meeting every need

The leader in France and moving up internationally, TECHNIBAG supports changes and acceleration in demand. The company is organized to provide the right response to every need.

A department focusing on specific business studies is fully dedicated to studying customer processes, designing made-to-measure solutions and adapting and improving machines. This after-sales service also offers a free check of your dry materials before project launch to guarantee optimal production operation.