Designer and manufacturer of filling machines and processing equipment

As a designer and manufacturer of filling and packaging lines for flexible containers, TECHNIBAG equips wine and food packaging and industrial processes, always keeping in mind the company’s goal of optimizing production performance and maintaining the integrity of packaged liquids.

 Development characterized by innovation and international deployment

Created on January 1, 2000, at Villefranche-sur-Saône (France), TECHNIBAG is a pioneer in the development of filling machines and filling and packaging processes for BIB-type vacuum bags. Over the years, the company’s technical expertise has expanded through a drive toward innovation and the careful observation of market expectations, both in France and internationally.

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Increasingly diversified applications

Chosen by the wine-producing sector starting in the nineties, vacuum bags have had constantly growing success in numerous applications, such as wines, cocktails, fruit juices, compotes, purees, concentrates, sodas, postmixes, syrups, ice creams, milk products, oils, sauces, mayonnaise, birch sap, ketchup, liquid eggs, soaps, shampoos, washing powders, vaccines, glues, inks, liquid fertilizers and detergents.
TECHNIBAG keeps abreast of this evolution by developing equipment that meets the specific technical, production, quality, safety, hygienic and environmental requirements of each customer.

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