The expert in BIB-type vacuum bag filling

A filling machine’s performance depends on the desired speed, the specific characteristics of your liquid products and your flexible packaging, and your entire process.

The expert in BIB-type vacuum bag filling

TECHNIBAG relies on extensive technical expertise and proven methods to develop or choose and integrate each component and optimize each filling machine function, including pump size, filling head precision, meter programming, interface functions, vacuum regulator, the holding and tap-positioning system and the bag ejection system.

The expert in vacuum bag filling and packaging 

Filling machine performance depends on the desired work rate and the specificities of your liquid products and vacuum bags, as well as on your overall process. TECHNIBAG manufactures and/or services an extensive process equipment offer that complements the company’s filling machine lines and includes box shapers, craters, box closers (using hot glue and adhesive strips), weighers, labelers, markers (ink or laser), handle attachers and palletizers.

We provide service, whatever the work rate, whether the process is manual or automatic, on both variable and dedicated lines and on fixed or mobile equipment. Our expert advisors will help you make the best choices. Our department dedicated to specific business studies can provide tailored developments or adjustments when necessary.


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