Organized to meet your specific needs

Specific process studies, adaptation of standard machines, expertise on specific vacuum packaging (tools dedicated to analyzing packaging), addition of functions, size adjustment, and made-to-measure developments: TECHNIBAG mobilizes the skills and tools of its EAS (Specific Studies) Department to work with you on the best solution to your needs.

When a technical challenge requires the implementation of an innovative program, the Design and Engineering team reinforces the EAS Department.

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  • Creation of an automatic mobile line for filling and packaging wine
  • Rate: 5,000 BIB / day (3 L)
  • Specific goals: limited footprint; short installation time (five months); contracting from wine filtration to palletizing.

camion VITIVIN


  • Design and manufacture of an automatic Pouch filling machine
  • Production in 3 x 8 hours: 13,500 three-liter Pouches per day
  • Specific goals: addition of a laser marker and positioning of the “Marianne” capsule tops in the filling machine; machine accessible at the level of a person’s height for changing Pouches; time for tooling change for different taps less than 20 min; pressurized Ultra Clean buffer vat upstream for wines with residual sugar.

Fernando Castro – Spain

  • Design of a double-head line to allow filling 6,000,000 BIBs per year at a rate of 2 x 8 working hours per day.
  • Customer working with eight different formats: changing time for the entire line is less than 15 min.
  • Very low maintenance cost with total control.
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