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BIB or Pouch packaging for fruit juice

The BIB or Pouch packaging of fruit juice is growing in popularity in distribution. For the manufacturer, the vacuum bag brings manufacturing and transport cost savings. The diversity of taps and bag sizes meets the specific needs of every use. For distribution, the BIB and Pouch facilitate logistics and provide versatility and control of volumes distributed. From the user’s viewpoint, this type of packaging extends the shelf life of fruit juice. It increases product mobility and responds to changes in consumption habits. More informations about BIB and Pouch

BIB and Pouch filling solutions for fruit juice

With our filling machines and packaging lines, fruit juices can be packed in an ultra-clean environment in irradiated or non-irradiated flexible containers. Our filling and packaging solutions allow us to work at high temperatures at the outlet of the pasteurizer, most often between 70° and 82°C.
Then, after validation of your Pasteurizing Values to ensure that your juices have an optimal shelf life, we offer you the rapid cooling of the bags after filling. This innovative solution improves the quality of your juices and optimizes your production costs by allowing you to pack in line and therefore in a single step, from pasteurization to palletization. More informations

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