Animal nutrition

Animal nutrition in vacuum bags : efficient and cost-effective packaging

The use of packaging techniques using Cheertainer®-type vacuum bags allows the animaml nutrition industry to access a high level of performance with a guarantee of preservation of its liquid and semi-liquid, paste or semi-paste products. Sterile bags are designed to protect products and to prevent their contamination by external agents. The final packaging offers a double level of protection during transport and storage.

The TECHNIBAG offer : an efficient range of filling machines

TECHNIBAG, a filling specialist, designs, manages and supplies high-quality, high-performance, manual, semi-manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. TECHNIBAG also offers a wide range of process equipment, end-of-line instrumentation and peripherals. With technical solutions geared to each request thanks to an efficient design and engineering office (EAS), TECHNIBAG is a true partner to the animal nutrition industry.

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