Jam in BIB : greater ease of use for organizations

The BIB ensures complete food safety since it prevents any contamination during the filling phase and during the use phase: hermetic stopper, no risk of leaks, no handling of the jam by the user, no risk of container breakage. This packaging process also extends shelf life after the container is first opened. By preventing the spoiling of the jam, it simplifies use in public catering establishments, hospitals, local authorities, hotels etc. More informations

TECHNIBAG automates your packaging operations

With its compact filling lines, performing operations from vacuum bag filling through to the insertion of the filled bags in boxes, labelling and handle attachment, TECHNIBAG provides you with the right technical solution for your production and your market: automatic high-speed filling machines for flexible container, BIB or Pouch, single or double line with automatic filling and packing head, modular, scalable and customizable etc. More informations

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