Adhesives, paints, varnish, e-cigarettes

Packaging in a flexible container to meet the demands of industrial production

Paste, semi-paste, liquid and semi-liquid products need to be stored appropriately in Cheertainer®-type vacuum bags. This type of container reinforces the safety of use for manufacturers, haulage contractors, retailers and users. It is a practical and economical storage solution for efficient short-term or long-term warehousing. Packaging in flexible containers protects the products and the warehouse environment.

A filling machine or packaging chain for each product

TECHNIBAG’s filling machines and filling lines combine robust design with precision and versatility for all desired uses. Appropriate and functional for all product types (ink, animal feed, sage oil, colostrum, adhesives, paints, tars, e-cigarettes, plant protection products etc.), together they help maximize gains in productivity, hygiene and convenience in all industrial areas requiring optimum packaging. More informations

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