Other applications : tea, infusions, coffee, hot chocolate, soup etc.

Liquid or semi-liquid food products : BIB and Pouch packaging optimization

Vacuum bags of all kinds provide optimum packaging conditions. They also maximize stowage and storage options in warehouses, stores or the premises where they are consumed. They offer excellent conditions for a guaranteed shelf life and the consumer can thus enjoy the organoleptic qualities of all types of coffee, tea, infusions, hot chocolate and soups. The BIB and vacuum bag thus play a direct part in the improvement of the hygiene standard of equipment and installations for the food-processing industry. More informations

To optimize your vacuum bag packaging line : TECHNIBAG

TECHNIBAG offers sound, reliable and efficient filling solutions, based on a broad know-how and proven technical experience. TECHNIBAG provides you with scalable systems which can be easily adapted in line with market changes, with the ability to integrate new technologies, and which are accompanied by services driven by the will to provide you with technical support in all situations : customer service and spare parts, line testing, specific studies (EAS)packaging, and neck, tap and stopper studies.

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