Still Cider and carbon-free beers

Cider in BIB : functional packaging

The BIB responds to a general trend towards greater functionality. Manufacturers are finding this packaging option to be ergonomically efficient. The ability to change volumes, the guarantee of protection from air and the use of hermetic taps improve storage conditions for still (non-sparkling) ciders. Packaging in vacuum bags combines system economy and simplicity. More informations

Simple and reliable TECHNIBAG solutions for the packaging of delicate products in flexible containers

TECHNIBAG offers various models of vacuum bag filling machines and closures for delicate products such as slightly sparkling cider. The technical quality of TECHNIBAG’s filling machines and process equipment, its design and engineering office, its EAS (specific studies) department and its customer service are there to help you find the best operational solution for your packaging chain : line designs, dimensional changes, addition of functions etc. are all possible to best meet your needs. More informations

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