Aperitifs, Cocktails, Sangria, Aromatized Wine-based Drinks

Practical and sociable packaging for aperitifs, cocktails, sangria and Aromatized Wine-based Drinks

Long-used for table wines, the BIB is also suitable for vermouth, various aperitifs, cocktails, sangria, aromatized wine-based drinks etc. This packaging option has won the confidence of distributors and consumers, and is perfectly in line with current modes of distribution and consumption. Being light to transport and unbreakable, the BIB like the Pouch also allows partial consumption at travelling events for example, while maintaining product quality. More informations

TECHNIBAG solutions for BIB packaging

TECHNIBAG’s filling machines allow efficient management of the filling process and the packaging of aperitifs and aromatized wine-based drinks of all kinds in all vacuum bag formats. TECHNIBAG technology serves its clients to achieve the satisfaction of its users. Thanks to modular filling machines and equipment that consider the entire chain through to handle machine and palletization, TECHNIBAG configures the most suitable filling machine to meet the precise specifics of your products. More informations

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