Waters: source, lightly carbonated, flavored

Mineral water packaged in vacuum bags : a solution shared by all users

BIB or Pouch packaging is a true alternative to the traditional presentation of mineral water, a beneficial solution increasingly adopted by users, public places, administrations, hospitals and businesses. On one hand due to the excellent shelf life they allow for still mineral water, whether flavored or not, thereby stored protected from air and light. And on the other, due to the convenience of use they allow, particularly in terms of consumption on demand, being robust and preventing any deterioration of the water.

TECHNIBAG : staying close to your packaging line project

Whatever the bag dimensions and configurations chosen based on your customers (administrations, individuals), TECHNIBAG will help you choose the most suitable filling machines for your production : manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines; models for individual bags or bags attached to each other in a strip; for 2 to 20 liters bags etc. TECHNIBAG is also committed to quality of service after installation and the benefit of its technicians’ skills is available to you as are the original components and spare parts needed to meet your needs without delay. More informations

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