TECHNIBAG is delighted with the success of its customer BIBOC !

BIBOC choose TECHNIBAG to equip its mobile units
In 2007, Yvan GARCIA, aware of the advent of BIB in the wine market, created the company BIBOC and launched its first dedicated mobile unit for packaging wine in vacuum bags. This quality local service meets the expectations of winemakers and is becoming increasingly successful.
The first BIBOC truck, fitted with reconditioned machines, was soon working at capacity. Yvan then approached TECHNIBAG to acquire more automated, productive, practical and versatile filling machines and packaging equipment. Today, he has 2 mobile packaging units fitted with a PREMIA WS® top 540 semi-automatic filling machine, a B’BOOSTER automatic filling machine and a C’BOOSTER crater, plus two latest-generation HM1200 and C’BOX box sealers. The company progressed from 110,000 BIB’s sold in 2007 to 1,000,000 in 2018 – an excellent development bolstered in particular by “a compact, ergonomic and quality ensemble, and machines which meet today’s winemaking needs,” announces Yvan Garcia.

PREMIA WS® 540, a flexible solution for efficient BIB filling
The PREMIA WS® 540 semi-automatic filling machine is characterized by its ergonomics and speed. It responds perfectly to the needs of small and medium runs required by many clients and meets the demands of larger volumes. It allows a quick and easy change from one production run to the next. The machine is adapted by the program chosen directly by the operator from the control touchscreen depending on the bag format (3L, 5L or 10L). In Web mode (automatic machine feed with bags attached to each other in strips), the convenience is even greater “The machine is at human height; the bags are pulled easily, and removed easily too. This means less stress on the skeleton and joints (…) People are happy to work on this machine!” Yvan Garcia reports.

A relationship of confidence based on service quality
From a study of the specific constraints of the project (footprint, safety, diversity of formats) through to the responsive assistance of the customer service department, TECHNIBAG managed and provided the necessary technical expertise for each stage of the project. BIBOC particularly appreciated the quality of this overall support. “TECHNIBAG is a company which I have known for several years. I appreciate their human and interpersonal side. They are very responsive, available and competent. They understand me on a technical level and for an entrepreneur that is paramount!” Yvan Garcia declares.


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