High-speed automatic filling machine

The B’BOOSTER TOP 900 automatic filling machine by TECHNIBAG provides a productive, versatile and safe response to your needs for the high-speed filling of vacuum bags (up to 15 bags of 3L per minute).


  • This automatic filling machine functions in one operation that includes the following steps : continuous presentation and introduction of vacuum bags, air removal, filling, nitrogen injection and sweeping, tap repositioning, sniffing, ejection of the filled pouch, detachment and evacuation.
  • To meet production needs for high-speed production rates, the B’BOOSTER filling machine may be fitted with a dual head.
  • A built-in CIP circuit is set or can be configured to allow automated cleaning cycles.
  • Boxing is manual (with operator) or automatic with the C’BOOSTER boxer.
  • The B’BOOSTER filling machine can be built into an existing line or comes as part of TECHNIBAG’s complete packaging line : Flexi-Line.

Pouch Module

To meet changing market needs, the B’BOOSTER can be fitted with a “Pouch” module. It allows the very high-speed filling of this innovative type of packaging. Changeover time for filling BIBs or Pouches is less than 15 minutes.

B’BOOSTER connected filling machine

Access interface functions directly using your smartphone, tablet or PC to track :

  • Production (recipe management, display of information on rate and output, production planning management with current status);
  • Statistics (display of statistics – machine use per mode – list of recipes with number of BIBs produced, total number of BIBs, start-up, cleaning, etc.);
  • Management of machinery and equipment (display of time remaining before preventive maintenance).

Option “Ultra Clean”

Perfectly appropriate for sensitive products, the automatic filling machine BBOOSTER TOP 900 is available with Ultra Clean version (option):

  • Electromagnetic meter
  • Specific controller program
  • Laminar flow hood including supercharger, pre-filter and U15-ISO 7 filter with sealing control
  • Guaranteed fully cleanable
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3 L 900 filling rate /hour
5 L 735 filling rate /hour
10 L 460 filling rate /hour
15 L 350 filling rate /hour
20 L 290 filling rate /hour
1.5 L 715 filling rate /hour
3 L 630 filling rate /hour

(with 80 HL/h liquid outflow at the filling head)

  • Air supply : 7 to 10 bar
  • Nitrogen supply : 1 to 4 bar
  • Air flow : 7 m3/h
  • Power supply : 400V 3P+N+T, 50/60 Hz
  • Pulse counter (72 points per liter)
  • Connection : DIN diameter 40
  • Noise level < 85 db
  • Footprint
    • Depth : 1880 mm
    • Height : 2100 mm
    • Width : 1130 mm
    • Weight : 409 Kg
  • Frame : stainless steel
  • Work surface : plane on motorized rollers with recovery and evacuation bin
  • Filling/cleaning temperature : liquid circuit for continuous use up to 110°C with crimped tubes mounted on connection; clamp diameter 25 mm, including CIP circuit and 316L stainless steel tubes with beveled welding
  • Pump : without standard pump
  • Pliers type: for Vitop®-type taps with a high neck
  • Nitrogen supply :
    • Oxycontrol® filling, nitrogen injection and/or sweeping and/or blowing
    • Built-in 0-4 bar pressure regulator
  • CIP circuit : guided, with outflows included
  • Connection : DIN 40 diameter
  • Display : automation and B&R display with 7″ color touch screen
  • Class 100 laminar flow hood including supercharger with U15 filter and sealing control
  • Electromagnetic meter