High-speed semi-automatic filling machine

Scalable and automated, the PREMIA filling machine is the perfect solution for the medium-sized and large-scale production of two- to 30-liter vacuum bags. The PREMIA filling machine can fill vacuum bags for all types of liquids and semi-liquids.


Automatic functioning in one operation : start of cycle (DAS safe and automatic start-up), removal of tap, creation of a vacuum in the pouch, metering and filling, nitrogen injection and/or sweeping, reinsertion of tap, ejection of full bag.

Automatic tap removal / repositioning

Automated removal and repositioning of tap enables optimizing manual boxing.

Work Rate
3L Bags 395/420 filling rate /hour
5L Bags 345/370 filling rate /hour
10L Bags 260/295 filling rate /hour
15L Bags 210/245 filling rate /hour
20L Bags 175/210 filling rate /hour
1.5L 360/370 filling rate /hour
3L 330/345 filling rate /hour


(with AL40-AL50 pump)

  • Liquid output : 82 HL/h / 123 HL/h (optional)
  • Air supply : 7 to 10 bar
  • Nitrogen supply : 1 bar
  • Air flow : 1 m3/h
  • Power supply : 3x400v 50Hz (3P+T) (other upon request)
  • Pulse counter (72 points per liter)
  • Connection : Æ 40 Macon
  • Noise level < 85 db
  • Footprint :
    • Depth : 1030 mm
    • Height : 1600 mm
    • Width : 800 mm
    • Weight : 120 kg
  • Chassis : mounted on four casters, with height-adjustable shelf for holding cardboard
  • Work surface : tilting stainless steel tray for holding pouch
  • Filling/cleaning temperature : liquid circuit in 316 stainless steel for continuous use up to 45°C
  • Pump : ref. AL 40, 82HL/h outflow, 50 Hz triphasic, body and turbine in stainless steel, fully drained twice and with direction changer
  • Pliers type : for Vitop®-type taps with a high neck
  • Filling head : integral closing with flat tip and seal
  • Nitrogen supply :
    • Injection and automated sweeping at end of filling cycle
    • Built-in 0-4 bar pressure regulator
  • Timed vacuuming with limited depression power
  • CIP circuit : with automated cleaning of the vacuum circuit
  • Connection : Macon diameter 40
  • Display : multifunction color touch screen
  • Automated cycle start-up with built-in anti-start safety control
  • Automated tap removal and repositioning
  • Automatic ejection of full pouch at end of filling cycle
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