Effortless palletizing with PALET'EASIER

PALET’EASIER is a semi-automatic or manual machine for handling cardboard boxes during palletizing. A great palletizing helper, it provides effortless handling of up to 900 boxes per hour at the palletizing station at the end of your production line. See how easy palletizing can be!

Meeting standards

PALET’EASIER meets French regulations corresponding to Directive No. 90/269/CEE dated May 29, 1990, that covers manual handling of loads involving risks, in particular dorsolumbar risks for workers.

  • Complete cycle of 5 L BIBs by fives: 20 BIBs/min
  • Complete cycle of 10 L BIBs by fours: 16 BIBs/min
  • Complete cycle of 20 L BIBs by threes: 12 BIBs/min
  • Compressed air supply: Min 6 bar
  • Air flow: 1.5 m3/min
  • Power supply: 400V 3P+N+T, 50Hz
  • Lifting speed: 16 and 4 m/min
  • Noise level: < 70 db
  • Ambient and work temperature: 5°C<n<40°C
  • Footprint: 3.80 mx3 m
  • Maximum palletizing height: 1.60 m
  • Capacity, max weight: 65 kg