Automatic line for filling and packaging liquids in BIBs

FLEXI-LINE TOP 720 is a complete automatic line for high-speed filling and packaging of liquids in BIBs; it is single-head, modular, scalable and tailored to meet your needs.


  • Automatic packaging line for vacuum bags and boxes from 2 to 20 L
  • Multiple applications for all types of liquids
  • Step-by-step investment possible
  • Packaging line for fixed or mobile use
  • Work rates up to 720 three-liter bags per hour
  • FLEXI-LINE comes in an Ultra Clean (UC) version, with double head and BIB and Pouch to allow automatic high-speed filling of 1.5 to 5 L Pouches. Contact us
3 L 720 filling rate /hour

See the specific characteristics of each machine making up the FLEXI-LINE.

The FLEXI-LINE single-head automatic filling and packaging line for BIBs includes:

The full line also has conveyors, a buffer vat and a weighing system, as well as other peripheral machines if necessary