• Increase quality juice
  • Fast and efficient BIB & Pouch cooling system
  • Low consumable equipment
  • Taylor according pasteurization flowrate
  • Hot-Melt gluing up and/or down
  • Programming of glues lines 
  • Automated and stored format settings: saved on micro SD card: up to 30 recipes (12 settings / recipe)
  • Easy access to the inside of the C’Box by secure double swing doors (on both side of the machine)
  • Box feed by integral motorized conveyor belt with integrated management of infeed anti-jamming system by box separator
  • Suitable for a wide range of box sizes


  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Performance

Performance, modernity, reliability

Result of an ambitious R&D program developed by TECHNIBAG, B’BOOSTER TOP 900 was designed to be the most efficient and reliable automatic flexible bag filling machine on the market. It meets the needs for intensive filling of bib or pouch (option) with fully mastered quality and optimal user comfort. It can be integrated into single, double or triple head lines.

Very high speed

  • High filling rate of 15 bags per minute (for 3L bags).

Brushless motor: electric axes for fast and precise movements

  • Innovative and robust technology: positioning of the filling head and intake / removal of the valve by electric jacks.
  • This technological choice guarantees controlled filling quality, reduced maintenance costs and air consumption, and optimal filling rates.

Pocket transfer mat and automatic adaptive cut

  • Format changes in less than 5 minutes
  • Adjustable packing speed, controlled fall of the full pocket into the box
  • High transfer rate, guaranteed for liquids conditioned up to 85 ° C
  • Food industry cleanability

Clean high performance filling head

  • Separate, fully cleanable vacuum and nitrogen injection circuits
  • Ultra-hygienic design according to EHEDG and 3A standards

Connected machine: industry 4.0

  • Remote maintenance: remote control, help with fault diagnosis
  • Data transfer:
    • production management (management of recipes, display of rate and throughput information, management of the production schedule with progress status),
    • statistics (display of statistics – machine usage time by mode, list of recipes with number of BIBs produced, total number of BIBs, priming, cleaning, etc.)
    • the management of the machine park (display of the time remaining before preventive maintenance).
    • as an option, possibility of accessing the HMI functions directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Whatever the specificities of your applications and processes, TECHNIBAG commits its expertise to your side and provides the appropriate solutions and services to guarantee the operational performance of filling and your lasting satisfaction.

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To meet production needs for high-speed production rates, the B’BOOSTER filling machine may be fitted with a dual head.


  • This automatic filling machine functions in one operation that includes the following steps : continuous presentation and introduction of vacuum bags, air removal, filling, nitrogen injection and sweeping, tap repositioning, sniffing, ejection of the filled pouch, detachment and evacuation.
  • To meet production needs for high-speed production rates, the B’BOOSTER filling machine may be fitted with a dual head.
  • A built-in CIP circuit is set or can be configured to allow automated cleaning cycles.
  • Boxing is manual (with operator) or automatic with the C’BOOSTER boxer C’BOOSTER.
  • The B’BOOSTER filling machine can be built into an existing line or comes as part of TECHNIBAG’s complete packaging line : Flexi-Line.

Pouch Module

To meet changing market needs, the B’BOOSTER can be fitted with a “Pouch” module. It allows the very high-speed filling of this innovative type of packaging. Changeover time for filling BIBs or Pouches is less than thirty minutes.

B’BOOSTER® connected filling machine

Access interface functions directly using your smartphone, tablet or PC to track :

  • production (recipe management, display of information on rate and output, production planning management with current status);
  • statistics (display of statistics – machine use per mode – list of recipes with number of BIBs produced, total number of BIBs, start-up, cleaning, etc.);
  • management of machinery and equipment (display of time remaining before preventive maintenance).


Four-step operation :

  • Manual removal of tap
  • Start of cycle (DAS system) with automated vacuuming of the bag, metering and addition of nitrogen at end of cycle
  • Manual reinsertion of tap
  • Automatic ejection of filled bag.

SYMPATY, a best seller that combines versatility, efficiency and wok comfort


  • Operation in three steps : manual removal of tap, start of automatic cycle at filling head (air removal from pouch, metering and filling, injection, sweeping, blowing of nitrogen at end of cycle), manual reinsertion of tap.
  • Compact filling machine, efficient and very easy to use

Also available without chassis and pump


  • Operation in three steps : removal of tap, start of cycle (air removal from pouch, metering and filling, injection, sweeping, blowing of nitrogen at end of cycle), reinsertion of tap.
  • High rates and efficiency
  • Reliable filling machine, mobile and very easy to use

The semi-automatic PREMIA WS filling machine is designed to meet filling needs for vacuum bags from 2 L to 20 L (in “Web” and “Single” mode), Pouches from 1.5 L to 5 L (in “Single” mode) and Cheertainer® recipients (in “Web” and “Single” mode). It can be used for all types of liquids and semi-liquids for both food and non-food products.


  • Automatic operation without manual feeding of the bag in Web mode.
  • Start of cycle (DAS safe and automatic start-up), removal of tap, creating a vacuum in the pouch, metering and filling, nitrogen injection and/or sweeping, reinsertion of tap, ejection of full pouch.
  • Cutting assistance in Web mode and automatic presentation of the next pouch.
  • Box holding helper placed on the free rollers : facilitate the introduction of the bag by keeping the box in good position on the conveyor. The operator have free hand after the box is formed.
  • Greater efficiency and comfort, from the start of the filling cycle to crating.

Integrated box support conveyor

  • Integral with the filler
  • In stainless steel
  • Can be positioned either at left or right of the boxing station, depending on line direction
  • Have a depth adjustable stop and can accept box from 3 to 20 L.

Web / Single modes

  • « Web » mode : automatic machine feed with bags attached to each other in strips. This bag technology is recommended for medium and large production runs carried out with semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. It allows better ergonomics and productivity gains by (partial or total) automation of handling operations (loading, cutting etc.).
  • « Single » mode : manual machine feed with individual bags. Single mode is suitable for small and medium production runs carried out with semi-manual or semi-automatic filling machines.