One Call Solution for your hydro-alcoholic gel or liquid needs

According to the volumes of liquids or hydro-alcoholic gels to be filled and the specificities of distribution and use desired, TECHNIBAG helps you to choose the adapted packaging (BIB or Pouch from 1 to 20L, choice of spouts, caps, taps, direct use by handle or sensor, possible reconditioning in individual mini dispensers) and defines the optimal filling process in order to provide you a one call solution, immediately usable.


1/ Filling machine plug & play

  • Fill your BIB and Pouch easily with the semi-manual filler BIB’UP (*)
  • Optimize your capacities and filling operations with the semi-automatic filler PREMIA WS (*)
  • Need to fill at a very high rate ? Opt for the automatic filler B’BOOSTER (*)

(*) Machines designed and manufactured by Technibag, reliable, efficient, easy to use, available from stock.


2/ Filling in BIB or Pouch from 1 to 20L

TECHNIBAG mobilizes its proven partnerships with specialized packaging manufacturers to select and supply you with bags and boxes from 1 to 20L and connectors adapted to your distribution constraints. 

  • pump transfer
  • elbow handle
  • diffusion sensor
  • etc.

Its team brings you its technical expertise and any necessary assistance, remotely if desired, for a rapid start-up of the process.


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