Dairy products : Milk, Condensed milk, Cream, Yoghurt, Yoghurt drinks, Ice-creams

BIB and Pouch : optimum packaging solutions for all dairy products

Vacuum bag packaging solutions are perfectly suited for the extremely diverse products from the dairy industry: milk, milkshakes, condensed milk, cream, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, ice-cream, cheese spread etc. Pouch and BIB solutions extend the shelf life of dairy products.

TECHNIBAG’s filling machines and equipment : product-sensitive packaging technology

TECHNIBAG’s manual and semi-automatic filling machines and filling lines, and its end-of-line equipment guarantee that the product is protected all along the packaging chain. Limited handling, high level of cleanliness, speed, efficiency and productivity make our filling machines particularly suitable for the packaging of dairy products. The quality of the vacuum bags, closing systems, and end packaging provide a clear benefit to products processed on our filling lines. More informations