Concentrates, Post-mix, Syrups

Concentrates, syrups, post-mixes in vacuum bags : convenience for all !

Pouches and vacuum bags for concentrates, syrups and post-mixes now have a tough composition which keeps these products safe during transport and storage. The easy insertion of the Pouch and its convenient connection in the pouring systems of distributors ensures quality of service. The use of vacuum bags for post-mix distributors dramatically reduces end-of-process losses. More informations

TECHNIBAG : filling machines and systems for all vacuum bag formats

TECHNIBAG offers filling and packaging technologies for syrups, concentrates and post-mixes which are perfect for a wide range of Pouch, BIB and vacuum bag options in various sizes. TECHNIBAG’s filling machines and lines can also be entirely geared to your production for post-mix distributors. Our filling machines guarantee completely hygienic circulation of products between vats and vacuum bags. More informations